Mitel - Beginning with the days of divestiture (1984) and moving into the IP/PBX world of today, we have installed Mitel systems in our hotels (Holiday Inns, Hiltons, etc.). Since the formation of Ridgeway Communications, Mitel has been our preferred PBX manufacturer. Ridgeway worked closely with Mitel Direct and several Mitel Platinum Dealers over the years to meet the needs of our clients. Today in the 48 contiguous states, we can supply Mitel products. Call us for more details, 800-900-7263.

Ridgeway has available Call Accounting Systems and computer software to fill the needs of any hotel or business from TelElectronics systems to the Metropolis "Profit Watch" software. Systems can be installed by staff members or installation services are available. Contact us for details, free proposal, or software demo instructions.
Office Watch
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Award-winning Office Watch Call Accounting has been installed in thousands of businesses and is available in stand-alone versions, web browser-based versions and client/server versions for your single site or multi-site call tracking needs. Easy-to-read call volume and trunk usage graphs help you keep your telecom budget on track.
Profit Watch
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Profit Watch is one of the most widely-used call accounting systems in hospitality due to its innovative features, flexibility and ease of use. When combined with Metropolis' reputation for excellent customer service and support, it is easy to see why Profit Watch is the preferred call tracking choice for thousands of hoteliers.

Ridgeway Communications represents several access providers. We can provide individual line service up to a 6MB data channel for larger users. Some of our suppliers are companies such as AT&T, BellSouth and Paetec. Call us about programs and coverage.

Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) - This service is utilized today by companies with wide area networks (WAN) on local area networks (LAN) for voice communications mostly within their own system or company. Government and Universities (State and National) are some of the more advanced users today. The residential user is experiencing more availability and subscription in the market everyday. The small to medium size business market seems to be the last segment to be addressed. Ridgeway has products and service to meet the needs of many of our clients that fall into these segments. Contact us to discuss your needs and our solutions.