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A day in the life of a Hotel Telephone staring the Teledex E-Series from Cetis!


*~*Buy 50 or more phones of one model and get a Package including these FREE amenities:
~FREE Faceplates
~FREE Faceplate Mounting on the phones
~FREE Room Number Printing on Faceplates
~FREE Programming of your speed dial buttons (if you have them)
~FREE Ground Shipping (48 States only)


The below phone series by Cetis have been discontinued:

  • 2700/2702 series phones 
  • 2800/2802 series phones
  • 3000/3002 series phones 
  • Aegis -09 series phones 
  • Aegis -00 series phones 


 If you are interested in ordering 50 or more phones at one time, we can upgrade you to a NEW PHONE where you would get FREE FACEPLATES along with other FREE ammenities.  Call us for more information if you are interested in upgrading your phones!*****


Buy Efficient Purchasing Program

Ridgeway Communications is an official supplier of the Buy Efficient Purchasing Program.  If you are already a Buy Efficient customer, you may purchase our products directly through their website.  Using your customer login, you can find out catalog of products listed on the Buy Efficient Website.

  • Go to - www.ibuyefficient.com
  • Enter your Login ID and Password
  • Click E-Catalogs on the left
  • Click BE National Catalog
  • Click Ridgeway Communications to browse our catalog